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Cablevision workers and contractors are fighting for the American Dream: fair wages and benefits that successful companies like Cablevision should provide.  Watch the video below to hear their stories and learn about their fight, then sign their petition:

Support the Cablevision 99%

Cablevision workers and contractors are fighting for fairness and the American Dream. They want decent pay, respect, and benefits for their families – something a profitable company like Cablevision can afford to provide.

Even though Cablevision executives like James Dolan make tens of millions in salary and bonuses, Cablevision has refused to offer one penny in wage increases or agreed to take basic safety steps to protect technicians on the job.

Dolan’s empire includes Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, the Beacon Theater, NY Newsday, the Knicks and Rangers – he can afford to pay Cablevision workers and contractors a living wage and give them the respect they deserve.


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