285 Brooklyn Cablevision workers combined earn HALF the former COO’s pay.GET ALL THE FACTS >>
  • Sports Illustrated: According to The New York Times, the NLRB says Dolan, who is the CEO of the New York-area telecommunications company Cablevision, threatened to withhold pay increases from his company’s technicians in Brooklyn if they did not vote to quit … Read more

  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | November 7, 2013 Contact: Mandela Jones, 646.200.5316, mandela@berlinrosen.com New York, NY – Late Thursday afternoon, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued another sweeping federal complaint against Cablevision, including personally citing CEO James Dolan, for violations … Read more

  • Democrats Bash Cablevision Over Union Dispute – New York Observer By Will Bredderman | 10/14/14 3:15pm A bevy of elected officials attacked Cablevision and its Chief Executive Officer James Dolan today for what they claimed were anti-union practices in the company’s Brooklyn division. … Read more

  • City Council fires warning shot at Cablevision - THORNTON MCENERY, Crains New York Updated: October 10, 2014 4:09 p.m. Dozens of City Council members are pressuring the de Blasio administration to not award Cablevision the contract to turn pay phones into Wi-Fi … Read more

  • Cablevision worker claims he was fired for slavery remark Jerome Thompson, a tech employee and union activist, says James Dolan’s company canned him after he complained a small group of workers were being oppressed by the television giant. BY REUVEN BLAU  … Read more

  • By Azi Paybarah 8:28 a.m. | Sep. 19, 2014 Re-posted from Capital New York:  Activists working with Cablevision employees trying to negotiate a contract launched a new line of attack against the company, accusing them of turning a blind eye to racism. An … Read more

  • BROOKLYN WORKERS ACCUSE CABLEVISION OF RIGGING UNION VOTE Cablevision calls on the Communications Workers of America to respect a third party poll showing that Brooklyn workers do not want to unionize, which the union called a “sham election.” BY NICK … Read more

  • For Immediate Release September 10, 2014 Contact Mandela Jones, 646-200-5316, mandela@berlinrosen.com Michael Rabinowitz, 646-342-3469, rabinowitz@berlinrosen.com Dolan Intimidates Workers in Sham Election Workers Call for an End to PR Stunts and Intimidation CWA members rejected the illegal, sham vote conducted by … Read more

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    BY KENNETH LOVETT SUMMARY: Assemblyman David Weprin and State Senator James Sanders, both Democrats from Queens, say the bill they’re teaming up on seeks to end corporate welfare for a super-rich company and would eliminate a $16 million a year … Read more