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  • Democrats Bash Cablevision Over Union Dispute – New York Observer By Will Bredderman | 10/14/14 3:15pm A bevy of elected officials attacked Cablevision and its Chief Executive Officer James Dolan today for what they claimed were anti-union practices in the company’s Brooklyn division. … Read more

  • City Council fires warning shot at Cablevision - THORNTON MCENERY, Crains New York Updated: October 10, 2014 4:09 p.m. Dozens of City Council members are pressuring the de Blasio administration to not award Cablevision the contract to turn pay phones into Wi-Fi … Read more

  • Cablevision worker claims he was fired for slavery remark Jerome Thompson, a tech employee and union activist, says James Dolan’s company canned him after he complained a small group of workers were being oppressed by the television giant. BY REUVEN BLAU  … Read more

  • By Azi Paybarah 8:28 a.m. | Sep. 19, 2014 Re-posted from Capital New York:  Activists working with Cablevision employees trying to negotiate a contract launched a new line of attack against the company, accusing them of turning a blind eye to racism. An … Read more

  • BROOKLYN WORKERS ACCUSE CABLEVISION OF RIGGING UNION VOTE Cablevision calls on the Communications Workers of America to respect a third party poll showing that Brooklyn workers do not want to unionize, which the union called a “sham election.” BY NICK … Read more

  • For Immediate Release September 10, 2014 Contact Mandela Jones, 646-200-5316, mandela@berlinrosen.com Michael Rabinowitz, 646-342-3469, rabinowitz@berlinrosen.com Dolan Intimidates Workers in Sham Election Workers Call for an End to PR Stunts and Intimidation CWA members rejected the illegal, sham vote conducted by … Read more

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    BY KENNETH LOVETT SUMMARY: Assemblyman David Weprin and State Senator James Sanders, both Democrats from Queens, say the bill they’re teaming up on seeks to end corporate welfare for a super-rich company and would eliminate a $16 million a year … Read more

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    BY MIKE ELK SUMMARY: Last June, Cablevision workers in the Bronx voted against joining the Communications Workers of America, with 43 workers voting in favor of unionization and 121 workers voting against it. Now, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) says that it … Read more

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    BY: Steven Greenhouse SUMMARY: The National Labor Relations Board said on Monday that it planned to file a complaint charging Cablevision with making illegal threats and offering improper inducements to its employees in the Bronx to discourage them from voting to unionize.  The board also … Read more